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Block-based Coding Course for Grade 3 - 6

About the Course

  • Students use Scratch platform developed by MIT, to teach fundamental coding concepts. Learning Scratch is a milestone of building a strong foundation of coding, by switching from coding with picture-based blocks to code-based blocks which are much similar to the real world of coding.                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Scratch is designed specially in such way that they can put their creativity and imagination in reality while learning code.                                                                                                                                                        

  • In this course we integrates the knowledge from several subjects while learning to write programming codes. They will learn mathematics while learning co-ordinates, numbers comparison, angles & geometry, variables, etc., definitely an essential foundation for further studies. We have also included some basic sciences into our Scratch course, for example the concept of gravity, in order to learn the scientific principles behind daily-life phenomena.                         

  • Learning coding is much more about developing computational thinking, creativity, and critical thinking, than writing a couple of programs.

  • Certificate after course completion. Show the world you did it.

  • 100% Satisfaction

  • Love it or get a refund for the remaining session.

  • Interactive Live session

  • Hands on-Project based learning

  • Structured and Comprehensive curriculum

  • Highly qualified and experienced teacher

  • Daily homework help

  • New project in every session

Our Guarantee

What will the student learn?

  • Kids will understand the basic coding concepts like events, loops, sequences, algorithms, operator, strings, arithmetic and logical operator etc. while making fun filled animation, story-telling, games, puzzle and many more.                             

  • we encourage our students to embrace their creativity and imagination, and come up with a unique project of their own. We start from the very basics, no prior coding experiences needed.                                                                                 

  • Students not only learn coding but also start creating from day 1!                             

Topics Covered

Scratch Ninja  - Beginner

Learn about coding & Algorithm
Create animations and Interactive Games

  • Scratch Introduction
  • work with Events, Motion
  • Designing Sprites and background
  • Loops and Variables

  • Keyboard and mouse-based controls

  • Storytelling and animations

  • Voice recording and interaction

  • Conditional statements

  • Conditional Block

  • Learn co-ordinates

  • Maze Project

12 Sessions

24 Sessions

Scratch Ninja  - Intermediate 1

Create platform games, Multiplayer games
Create Complex puzzles

  • Everything in Beginner level
  • Sensing Block
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Handling the Arithmetic operators
  • Start developing Puzzles
  • create calculator, Math Race
  • Logical operators
  • Introducing platform game
  • Learn paint editor and create the 2D background
  • Continue loop, while loop
  • Nested conditions
  • 2D Shapes and draw various shapes
  • Code Debugging
  • Code Etiquettes

Scratch Ninja  - Intermediate 2

Create platform games, Multiplayer games
Create Complex puzzles

  • Everything in Intermediate level 1
  • Continue Handling list
  • Text to speech conversion
  • String manipulation
  • Private and global variables
  • Make complex games like rock, paper, seazer 
  • Pair Making puzzles
  • Make different 2D shapes
  • Math and logical operators
  • Introduce Clone concepts
  • Code Debugging
  • Code Etiquettes
  • Car Race
  • Simple & Multilevel Platform Game

48 Sessions

Scratch Ninja  - Advanced

Create multilevel platform games, AI Concepts, Adding own blocks
  • Everything in Intermediate Level 2
  • Introduce AI concept
  • Video sensing with Scratch
  • Extension 
  • Revisiting cloning along with private variables
  • Make chatbot using AI concepts
  • AI Concepts and programming
  • Create a complex background for multiplayer game like Car game, Mario, soccer, Ludo game  etc.
  • Final Project assessment

72 Sessions

Students not only learn to code but also start creating from day 1!
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Students Projects

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